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Damien Florébert Cuypers

Stumbled upon his works. Love his style.




Check out more of his work here and here


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DDB’s ADC Annual Awards Call for Entries Coooooool Campaign

Man, I miss those time in advertising!

Here’s a super cool campaign from DDB putting a lot of agency people’s insights calling for entries

I cannot love this more, this is sooooo simple, funny and well-designed. Wish there’re more of this coming next year


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Mapping project in the make 1.5

After I’ve been through selecting questions period, I began to do data collection

I start off by listing out media touchpoint of telecommunication companies and then went into their online and physical shop. For one thing I’ve learnt these days is that you never know how many channels brands trying to reach us until you do this project!

The touchpoints


Print materials from their physical shops. Don’t ask how I managed to get all of these.

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After the 1st term, this is what I managed to get done

In short, it’s the project where you learn the process bef

ore you get your hands on design parts, which includes conducting practice review, writing the brief, debriefing, researching and designing prototypes.

All are basic but mandatory knowledge for any design-related student. You wouldn’t be able to start off your career in any industry without knowing about this.

(Please click at the link below to see how I get here)


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So far my most favourite new year campaign

Introducing you to Mother London’s fun campaign for the coming 2012,

Mother Psychic tees

Nice strategy, nice execution, nice design and for a good cause! So tempted to buy one of the shirts, I must say..

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Homework : Layout


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Cropping Assignment

I totally forgot about this assignment, big thanks to Daniel Apt who mentioned it in our FDADGC group the other day!

Ok, so here goes…

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