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PPD Year Review 2011/2012!

Well time does really flies, it’s been over a year since I quit my job, left my comfort zone life and fly here to do this FdA Graphic Design for Communication course at LCC. This year here doesn’t turn out to be one of those I have expected. But well, someone told me whatever happened, happened for a good reason. So yeah, I will embrace it.

This year started out with workshops in the first terms. As to warm us up and get us ready to projects await. To my understanding, these workshops are meant to introduce us to the basic of graphic design and for us to apply some of the method taught into our works in the future. My favourite would be Rachel’s Colour Workshop and Darren’s Collage Workshop as they allowed me to try new things I have never done before (Yes, believe it or not, after all this 25 years of life, I have never done any collage work) What I like about the two workshops most are that sometimes, by using more feeling, less brain and with limited raw materials can also allows us to produce interesting works. (Need to remind myself that on FMP as well).


However, if I am to pick one workshop that I find really crucial for being a graphic design student, I would pick “Layout Blog Task” that Jo introduced us to InDesign. So far we can’t survive each term without using it – for making PDF, Presentation, and this term book. I learned a lot in that workshop. Apart from that, as for key moment in term one, the GDF project is undeniably one of the thing to be remembered. Not only I mark this as my first step into graphic designer world, but this also helps me develop understanding  of client-brief side (apart from design side). I enjoyed doing practice review, research, survey, and experiment with my prototypes. I have also learned about Thinking Tools and PMI, which are really useful to every step of every project as a designer.

Term two starts off with one-week project, which is rather a 3-day project (not complaining), following with mapping project, the project that really is key moment in my development as it allows me to discover my liking to infographics. After I really had great time compiling data, analysing (but really wanted to skip the percentage calculation part – maths skill stopped develop since Grade 5), and most importantly visualising it. It is fascinating indeed to be able to simplify complicated set of data into an unconventional  mapping  (no more boring pie charts) that amazed people at a glance. Visualising data is a great example of “Function before Fascination” – beautiful design doesn’t mean a thing if it can’t communicate.

The other project of term two is “Three in A Box.” I have long been interested in illustration, yet were not sure if I would be able to accomplish it since I have never taken any serious art class and couldn’t really draw, still I decided to challenge myself by signing up to this project and it turned out to be a very challenging one for me. I struggled a lot especially for the first brief (goldfish) as it was quite specific to draw with colour and style, which was not really mine. The second brief was “Medical Illustration” for the Economist. I had great time exploring idea on this one though.. as the brief was more freely comparing to the goldfish one. However, I found out that I really had problem drawing the picture I had in my head onto paper. It’s always end up too cute than I expected to be and also too flat. Well, at least I learned what I am not good at and what I need to practice more. If failing count as development then this would definitely be one of the key issue in my graphic design student life. This second term was definitely one of the toughest time of my life as I have been on medication and there is side effects of it.

For this term, so far I have enjoyed working on Final Major Project as the brief is quite open, therefore I can do mostly any thing I would like to.. I guess it is that time of experiment and quantity-based production again as the schedule is really tight. Anyway, I think there are still some rooms among 100 outcomes for some interesting ideas to be done. So far my most favourite one is “The City Through Kid’s Point of View” It is always a challenge to work with kids.Not yet succeeded though.. must see how it will end. Still, I am looking forward to see how my 16-page catalog as the outcome would turn out. Hope it turns out great!

As for my influences, looking back I’ve been pretty much abused a lot by social media: Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, blogs, so on, so on. I have my interest in links people shares, and have a feeling like don’t want to miss a thing that is in the trend. One of the websites I visit most would be , who has amazing variety of stationery on sale. I just loooooove stationery. The other thing I find myself do a lot is doodling, and I find this web portfolio of  Kate Bingaman Burt one of the styles I like. A lot of my inspiration for my project came from current situation and what I am experiencing as well as traveling around and people that I meet. Most importantly and most surprisingly, it turned out to be lots of my sketches are pictures of people, stuffs, and the natures around me (flower, animal, shoes)


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Damien Florébert Cuypers

Stumbled upon his works. Love his style.




Check out more of his work here and here

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DDB’s ADC Annual Awards Call for Entries Coooooool Campaign

Man, I miss those time in advertising!

Here’s a super cool campaign from DDB putting a lot of agency people’s insights calling for entries

I cannot love this more, this is sooooo simple, funny and well-designed. Wish there’re more of this coming next year


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