Colour Workshop

For colour induction with Rachel, we’re asked to create stuffs using only two colours. It is supposed to teach us something like how to use color… but to be honest… I didn’t really get the brief 😥 (Sorry Rachel) Still, I had fun trying to come up with something using stencils!




As this is my first time ever using stencil  (where have I been?!), I tried to keep it simple using only faded, not-smooth white paint combining with greyish blue paper as background to create texture and dramatic mood of Thailand flood we’re facing at the moment.

(Sad time)




After the first piece of work done, I found myself enjoying stencils so I decided to make some more! As we’re supposed to create something with colours to provoke “mood”, so I came up  with “Mood”, 4 expressions we do it everyday. I ended up using two contrasting colour to stress on face expression, with extra texture in hair part.



These used to be my stencil block/plate..or whatever it is called. I found the shapes on them quite interesting with texture (again) and the position of the hole(?), so I turned them to postcards of hairy monster using just black ink! 🙂



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