Text & Images workshop by Paul Bailey is about text and image (of course!) and its influence – both separately and combined – on visuals or on our emotion. We also discussed how text can support visual communicates and vice versa. Those were done in group tasks(sss) and one of my favourite is this pic. We’re asked to analyse the element of one images and place the word in another. Me, Brad, and Nadia decided to use the word “lonely” in this weird man-stabbing-man pic. We came up with the concept “Killed by the loneliness.” Still, we thought the loneliness dripping is too predictable so at the end we rotated the image and with fragile/unstable font, this is what we got!

Before class dismissed, our very last task was to empty our bags and pocket then make a word from what we got. I’m kinda proud of my super cute fan and bow tie. Thanks to my caring-everything-around syndrome! teehee!

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One response to “LOOOOOOOONELY

  1. 5 mins to figure out the word is “Colour” hahaa

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